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My name is Emily Witt, and I’ve always loved stories. As a child, I spent many hours alone in my room, reading books and pretending to be a DJ using an audio cassette recorder.   I wanted to understand perspectives outside of my own and enjoyed asking questions. 
Unsurprisingly, I became a legal recruiter, listening to and connecting candidates with the opportunities that match their stories. Our career path we choose is a tale as well, and I love to hear what happens behind the scenes (including the lessons we learn along the way). 
Beyond the Legal Lens is a podcast offering candid career advice and conversation. In each episode, I sit down with my guests and discuss how their personal experiences have shaped the work they do today. In addition, we provide advice to our audience on how to make the most out of your career.  


Oct 19, 2022

Noeli Serna is the Founding Attorney of Serna Legal Services, a corporate law firm that offers Illinois Latine-owned businesses and Latine entrepreneurs corporate legal services in English and Spanish. Noeli's firm incorporates businesses; drafts, reviews and negotiates contracts; and advises clients on...

Oct 6, 2022

Joseph George is an experienced, Supreme Court certified mediator and qualified arbitrator, who specializes in complex disputes. Mr. George has worked on all kinds of matters including cases involving commercial and business disputes, breach of contract, negligence, construction disputes, landlord and tenant disputes,...