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Emily Witt is an experienced legal recruiter navigating lawyers' careers. As host of Beyond the Legal Lens, an uplifting, educational podcast that helps you open the door to jobs in tech and health law. In each episode, she shares advice for creating and succeeding in your next dream role.

Apr 26, 2023

Jeremy Muhlfelder is the Head of Legal Operations & Legal at VRChat (a leading social VR platform).  Jeremy’s interest in entrepreneurship started at a young age where he took relevant courses that helped develop his interest in cutting edge technology.  He began his legal career at Wilson Sonsini in their Corporate and Fintech Groups, which provided fantastic training for his current role.  In this episode we discuss his trajectory from BigLaw to in-house and getting involved with the business side of his company (a dream career for many folks).  We learn about his current projects and the ways he is building community.  It’s a conversation you don’t want to miss. 

Learn more about Emily's work helping health tech and life sciences lawyers find their dream careers at her website, or on her LinkedIn profile.