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Do you ever feel you can't be your true self at work? Only using half of your brain?  Holding back your sense of humor? Beyond the Legal Lens is a podcast about finding your authentic self in the workplace. It's inspired by the late Frederick Busch, a Professor of Literature at Colgate University, who emphasized identifying through whose lens are we looking while reading a story?  Are we ourselves or trying to be what we think the world wants us to be?

I'm Emily Witt.  Join me as I dive into conversations about how people can show their true colors in a professional setting. This can lead to success and fulfillment.  Each guest offers tips about how to thrive by bringing the most important person in their lives to the office.

Oct 26, 2021

Marcela Levy is a Partner at the law firm Mannheimer, Perez e Lyra, a proud working parent of twins, and a dear friend/workout buddy. She received her LL.B. from the Catholic University of Rio De Janeiro in 2008 and received her LL.M. in 2012 from Columbia University in New York City where she also met her...

Oct 12, 2021

Dr. Kathryn Owler has become passionate about finding ways to experience more fun and enjoyment at work after her ‘dream job’ turned into a nightmare. She channeled her despair & disappointment into academic research – distilling the secrets of remarkable workers who’ve had fun at any job they’ve ever had!...