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Emily Witt is an experienced legal recruiter navigating lawyers' careers. As host of Beyond the Legal Lens, an uplifting, educational podcast that helps you open the door to jobs in tech and health law. In each episode, she shares advice for creating and succeeding in your next dream role.

Nov 9, 2021

Lisa Caprelli grew up with humble beginnings in the sun city of El Paso, Texas. She is proud of her Latin roots and culture and happy to have realized her dream of living near the ocean today in Huntington Beach, California.  Lisa is a speaker, songwriter and an award-winning author of the unicorn book series, Unicorn Jazz. ™.  Unicorn Jazz series offers social emotional learning (empathy, kindness, love, belonging, believing in others, feelings and more).  She is an author of 17 books., and has produced music videos for kids. Lisa is the producer and director of Unicorn Jazz Presents The Thing I Do - a family show on Amazon TV Her quest for studying human behavior and teaching is seen in her author visits, school visits, with kids, parents, educators. She believes in community outreach and volunteers with local children's hospitals and non-profits to share books, stories, songs and activities to help others. Lisa's ambitious and multi-faceted perspective inspires people all around her to live a life of purpose.  As a writer, educator and leader she is called upon for storytelling while fostering perseverance, imagination and inspiration. She enjoys teaching young minds the power of possibilities be it: elementary schools, teens, educators, parents, counselors, librarians and more.